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MileChai ® --> Judaism --> Jewish Word Spelling Guide
abbr.= abbreviated esp.= especially Heb.= Hebrew
lit.= literally n= noun pl.= plural
pron.= pronounced usu.= usually v= verb
Yid.= Yiddish

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ikor core, essence im yirtza HaShem "G-d willing." ima (Heb.) mother

Iyar 8th Jewish month (May), 5th is Yom HaAtzma'ut, 18th is Lag BaOmer.
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Jew: Jew is a term used to denote both followers of a religion and members of an ethnicity (adj. Jewish). [Read more...]

Jewish Denver [read more...]

Jewish Business Directory [read more...]


Jewish Colorado Denver Today - holds major sights of Jewish interest, authors and Jewish story tellers, Jewish Weekly Newspaper [IJN] - including a nationally acclaimed Jewish museum, a Holocaust memorial, and a restored home once lived in by Golda Meir... -- [read more]

Judenrat council of ghetto Jews charged with picking Jews to give to Nazis for delivery to concentration / death camps Judah on the the 12 Tribes of Israel

Colorado Shuls [read more...]

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Kabalah lit.=acceptance: Jewish mysticism Kaddish mourner's prayer kallah study session

kapo head of a Judenrat
kaporah atonement karpas vegetables (usu. parsley, celery, potato) dipped in salt water and eaten at Seder

kasha couscous-like dish made of buckwheat kashe question, esp. on ritual observance kasher to make kosher, esp. meat or dishes
kashrut the laws of kosher-ness kapoteh long, black coat worn by chasidim kedoshim lit.=holy ones: martyrs

kedushin the marriage ceremony

kehilla congregation; community ken ayina hora lit.=without the evil eye: "Not to jinx it" (said after complimenting)

keter Torah ornamental crown placed on Sefer Torah ketubah lit.=writ: marriage contract khap grab, snatch; understand [v]; insight [n]

kibbitz (Yid.) chitchat
kibbutz (pl. kibbutzim) Israeli collective farm kichel air-filled cookies

kiddish celebratory meal after synagogue services
Kiddush prayer/blessing for wine kiddush HaShem lit.=sanctification of the Name: selfless act, esp. martyrdom

Kiddush Lavona prayer for the new moon kinder(lach) (small) children kippah (pl. kippot) (Heb.) skullcap
[read more...]

kiruv lit.=closeness: outreach
kishka seasoned mashed potatoes in a casing kishkas (Yid.) innards; "guts" ("She's got..."; "I feel it in my...")

Kislev 3rd Jewish month (Nov-Dec), 25th is Chanukah kitel white robe, esp. for Pesach and Yom Kippur Klal Yisrael (Heb.) The Jewish People

klezmer Yiddish music: part Jewish, part big-band klutz (Yid.) clumsy one Knesset Israel's Parliament

k'neidlach thin noodles, esp. for soup
k'nish puff pastry filled with meat or potatoes ko'ach strength; endurance, energy

kodesh (Heb.) holy

kohen (pl. kohanim) descendant of Moses, Aaron; thus, a member of the priest class Kol Nidre "All Vows," key prayer, by chazan on Erev Yom Kippur

korban (Heb.) holy sacrifice; (Yid.) scapegoat kos (Heb.) wine goblet kosher permissible to eat under Jewish law [read more...]

Kotel (HaMa'aravi) The (Western) Wall kovod (Heb.) honor [n] kreplach won tons

Kristallnacht "Night of Broken Glass," Nazi pogrom on Nov.9-10, 1938; the worst pogrom ever, it marked the Holocaust's start kriyah lit.=rip: the tearing of one’s clothes to signify mourning kriyat haTorah the reading of the Torah

kugel casserole, usu. of potatoes or noodles; tease [v, slang] kvell derive deep pride or intense satisfaction kvetch whine(r), complain(er)
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Ladino the Jewish-Spanish language Lag BaOmer the thirty-third day of the Omer, minor spring holiday landsman fellow native (usu. of place in Old Country)

landsmanshaft(en) organization(s) of fellow natives lashon harah lit.=bad language: slander, gossip Lashon HaKodesh lit.=holy tongue: Hebrew

latke potato pancake, esp. for Chanukah lavayah lit.=procession: funeral layn read from the Torah, etc., with trop

l'chaim "To Life!"
lechem (Heb.) bread lev (Heb.) heart

levi (pl. leviim) member of the tribe of Levi, but not a descendant of Moses or Aaron; thus, a member of the priest-assistant class licht lit.=light: Shabbat or yom tov candles Likud Israeli conservative political party

loch in kopf lit.=a hole in (the) head: "the last thing I need" lochshen wide noodles, esp. for kugel l'shanah tova lit.=for a good year: Rosh HaShanah greeting

Lubavitch large and influential chaisidic group focusing on outreach luftmensch lit=air man: one without visible means of (monetary) support lulav palm frond. used on Succot
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Ma'arat HaMachpela Tomb of the Patriarchs ma'ariv evening prayer Maccabi follower of Judah of the Maccabis

maccabiah Jewish preteen mini-Olympics (cap. if official version) machotin child's father-in-law
machatonim child's spouse's parents, co-in-laws

machatonista child's mother-in-law macher lit.=maker: mover-and-shaker machzor holiday prayerbook, esp. for High Holidays

madrich camp counselor; youth-group leader; tour guide makos (Heb.) whip-lashes; plagues Mama Loshon lit.=mother tongue: Yiddish

mandel brot almond pastry

Ma Nishtanah "What Distinguishes?" set of children's questions in Haggadah, the "Four Questions" maot chitim lit.=wheat money: charity given for poor to buy matzah

Marrano lit.=pig: derogatory name
for Converso
marror bitter herb eaten on Pesach matzah (pl. matzot) unleavened bread, esp. eaten on Pesach

matzah brei French-toasted matzah matzevah tombstone mayven expert; know-it-all

mazel lit.=constellation: luck
Mazel Tov lit.= (a) good star: "Congratulations!" mazik impish person, esp. a child

mechaya lit.= which makes live: relief; joy (said of a person, thing, or situation) mechitza partition between men and women in shul medina country (the actual territory)

Medinat Yisrael (Heb.) The State of Israel

megillah (Heb.) Esther, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations (Yid.) any long, drawn-out story Megillah The Book of Esther

melamed religious teacher, esp. a non-rabbi
melaveh malkeh Shabbat party melech/Melech king/ capitalize in reference to G-d

menachem avel lit.=comforting a mourner: paying a condolence call menorah candelabra, esp. for Chanukah mensch (pl. menschen) (Yid.) upstanding person

menschlach decent, morally upright, polite meshuge (Yid). crazy meshugene (Yid.) crazy one

metziah lit.=a find: a bargain

mezuzah biblical passage on a parchment scroll, placed in an ornamental case and affixed to a doorpost [read more...] Midrash collection of extra-biblical stories

mikvah: ritual bath see milchig dairy mincha afternoon prayer

minyan quorum of 10 required for certain prayers mishalach manot gifts of food given on Purim misheberach blessing of healing given during kriyat haTorah

mishpacha (Heb.) family
Mishkan portable Holy Temple used during Exodus mishmash eclectic collection or arrangement

Mishnah oral law, parallel to Torah. Written down circa 200 C.E. mitzvah (pl. mitzvot) religious commandment  [read more...] also see mitzvah project Mizbe'ach altar used in Holy Temple

mizrach east, dir. American Jews face when praying Mizrachi Orthodox Zionist movement Mogen David lit.=Shield of David: Jewish star

mohel one who performs circumcisions [read more...] Mordechai hero of Book of Esther moshav kibbutz, but with more private property

Moshiach the Messiah moshol parable, fable, usu. with a moral motzi see "HaMotzi"

muktzah forbidden on Shabbat, said esp. of an object musaf lit.=gathered: additional post-shacharit prayers on holidays mussar constructive criticism
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na'areshkeit lit.=adolescent stuff: worthless things or activities nachas pride, esp. parental pride for children nais (Heb.) miracle

ner tamid lit.=forever candle: eternal flame, esp. in shul nasi lit.=prince: head of Biblical tribe or Sanhedrin navi prophet

nazir ascetic abstainer from wine, haircuts, and contact with death Nevi'im biblical writings and stories of Prophets nebach (Yid.) "(Such) a pity!"

nebbish pitiful person nechomah (Heb.) pity Negev the southern, desert part of Israel

Ne'ilah flnal prayer on Yom Kippur neshoma (Heb.) soul netilat yadayim the washing of the hands, esp. before eating bread

niggun tune to which liturgy is sung; wordless melody sung by chasidim Nisan 7th Jewish month (Mar-Apr), 15th starts Pesach, 27th is Yom HaShoah Nine Days days of mourning leading up to Tisha B'Av

nisht gerferalach lit.=not important: "Don't worry." no-goodnick a good-for-nothing person nosh snack [n,v]

nosherai snack foods; silly, time-wasting stuff nu (Yid.) "So?" nudge pest [n], to pester [v]

nudnick unthinking, inconsiderate person    


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