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Judaic --> Jewish Books --> Children's Books --> - The Little Midrash Says --> Bereishis / Genesis

My First Parsha Reader


Little Midrash Says - Hard Cover
Beraishis / Genesis
Beraishis / Genesis
Sh'mos / Exodus
Vayikra / Leviticus 
Bamidbar / Numbers
Devarim / Deuteronomy

By: Rabbi Weissman| Hard Cover
 11" x 8.5" English

Adapted for Junior Readers and to read aloud.

Dear Children!

By reading "The little Midrash Says" you find out how wonderful it is to learn Torah.

"The Little Midrash Says" is far less interesting and much less beautiful than the Hebrew pesukim (sentences) of the Torah.  Just wait till you are able to understand the Torah all by yourself.  How enjoyable that will be!

And, naturally, you will want to learn Rashi's explanation on the Chumash, because without Rashi, no one understands properly what is going on.

Do you think "The little Midrash Says" contains all the midrashim (the explanations of our Sages)  that exist on the Torah?  I hope you don't think so.

Do you think there are double as many midrashim than are in this book?
Do you think there are ten times more midrashim than are in this book?
Do you think there one hundred times more midrashim than are in this book?

You are coming closer.  There are more than one hundred times as many midrashim than those in this book.

One days, dear reader, you will explore the Torah with its many explanations by yourself.  Just keep on learning.

I wish you every success with Hashem's help!   - The Author

Beraishis / Genesis

When our forefather, Yaakov reached Har Hamoriya, the hold Mount Moriah, he lay down to sleep, after surrounding himself with twelve stones.  Hashem sent him a prophetic dream in which he envisioned angles climbing up and down a tall ladder.

For Whom was the World Created?

There holy Torah - received by our nation at Har Sinai with fear and trepidation - tell us about the world's creation.  Hashem made me and He made you, the monkey, the donkey, kangaroo, the gnat, the bat and the cuckoo.

He made berries and cherries and grapes to treat us, gardens of roses and posies to greet us, the moon to shine and sun to heat us. 

And for whom did G-d make all these wonderful things?  Who is the lucky one, who?  If you don't know, I'll give you a clue.  He made the whole world - just for you!

Our Sages teach that the world was created for you and me - for each person the mitzvos.  In fact, each person should think, "Hashem made the world just for me."  This way we realize how important we are, and how significant our deeds are, too.

What is the Book of Beraishis about?  The Book of Beraishis begins by telling us about the creation of the world by Hashem.  Then it mainly deals with Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, and their children.

The Torah tell us so much about them, because they were the founders of our people, the Jewish People.  They were wonderful tzaddikim (righteous people), who served Hashem every day, every hour, and every minute of their lives.

There is a passuk (verse) in Koheles 4:12 that states:  A threefold rope cannot easily be ripped. 

If you pull a string very hard it usually snaps.  If you twist that string together with a second one and pull again, you will find double string much harder to snap.

The tzaddik Avraham was "the first string." The tzaddik Yitzchak was the second string."  The tzaddik Yakkov was "the third string."

These three tzaddikim together became the forefathers of the Jewish people.  Each Jews is special because he is born from "three strings,"  special tzaddikim, "twisted together."

That is why, no matter how much the non-Jewish force or persuade us to leave Hashem and His Torah, they will not succeed.  They cannot easily snap a rope made from three strings.

WE continue to walk in the ways of our wonderful forefathers and we keep on trying to become great Jews just like they were.

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Jewish Books - August 1, 2006