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Kosher Kitchen:
Kosher labeled Items for the Kitchen: Oven Mitts, Knives, Scrubbers,  Kits, Kosher Labels
Blech, Baking Sheets, Bun Pan, Cookie Cutters, Cake Pans, Spatulas, Wooden Spoons, Tongs, Ladles

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Shalom from Mile Chai - Happy Passover

Click here to enter our Seder Plate collection:                         Pesach Hebrew for the festival of Passover. The word pesach comes from a Hebrew root meaning "pass by" or "to spare." While the word "Pesach" appears in Hebrew on most seder plates, it is merely decorative. The word also refers to the Pesach (or Paschal) lamb which was sacrificed as a special offering in honor of the festival. The zeroa (shankbone) has its own place on the seder plate as a symbol of this sacrifice.
Passover Seder Plates & Sets

Sale Kiddush Cup and Tray

Today's Special

Elijah Cup - Miriam Cup


Matzah Box

Matzah Plates


Matzah Glove and Pot holder


Matzah Cover & Afikomen Bag Set

Passover Pillow Sets

Bedikat Chometz

Hand Washing Cup and Bowl

Copper Bowl

Hand Washing Cup and Bowl

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Sterling Silver Rose Napkin Holder

835 Silver Kiddush L'Chaim Cups and Tray

Sterling Silver Candy Dish

Sterling Silver Dish and Spoon

Sterling Silver Candle Holder

Sterling Silver Salt Dish and Spoon

Happy Passover Baby Bib

Hand Washing Towels


Jewish Cards - Passover Cards

White Satin Kippot Perfect for Passover Seder

Passover Labels

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Kosher Cooking

Passover Cookbooks

Happy Passover ! Jewish Cards -
Passover Frog Ice Cubs

Wash Cups & Towels

Passover  Toys

Ceramic Matzah Ball Salt and Pepper Shakers

Passover paper plates cups napkin paper goods

Passover Table Cloths

Matzah Design  Glove

Passover Videos & Music
Chag Sameach Wine Gift Bag
Chag Sameach Wine Gift Bag

Passover Activity and Coloring Books

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