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14Kt Gold 3 Tier Israeli Diamond Pendant

14Kt Gold Mezuzah Pendant and Chain

14Kt White Gold Diamonds Star of David Pendant

 14Kt Gold Star of David with 10 Rubies Pendant

14Kt Gold Star of David Pendant with Diamonds

14K Gold - with Blue Enamel Torah Pendant

14K Gold Filigree Hamsa Pendant

14Kt Gold Hamsa Full Cut Diamonds / Blue Sapphire

14 Kt Gold Star of David Pendant

14Kt Gold and Amethyst Star of David Pendant

14kt Gold Chai and Heart Pendant

14kt Gold Semi-Precious Stone Star of David

14kt Gold Torah Scroll Pendant

14K Torah Pendant

14Kt Gold Star of David and Chai Mezuzah Pendant

14Kt Gold Lions The 10 Commandments Open Back
14Kt Gold - Red Ruby and 3 Israeli Diamonds

Hamsa Pendant

Sterling Silver Lions Facing 10 Commandments

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Chapter 6, Mishna 2(b) "Rabbi Yehoshua ben (son of) Levi said, on every day a heavenly voice emanates from Mount Horeb, announcing: 'Woe to them, the people, because of the affront to the Torah.' For anyone who does not study is called 'rebuked,' as the verse says 'As a golden ring in a swine's snout, so too is a beautiful woman who has turned from sound reason' (Proverbs 11:22). It also says, 'And the tablets were the handiwork of G-d, and the writing was G-d's writing engraved on the tablets' (Exodus 32:16). Do not read 'charoos' (engraved), rather 'chairoos' (free). For you will not find a freer person than one who is involved in the study of Torah. And all those who study Torah are uplifted, as it states, 'From Matanah [the Israelites traveled to] Nachaliel, and from Nachaliel [to] Bamos' (Numbers 21:19)."