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Nickel Plated -- 2138
Mayim Achronim Set

  • Negel Vasser: pour water on each hand three times for most purposes using a cup, and alternating the hands between each occurrence; this ritual is now known by the Yiddish term negel vasser, meaning nail water. This Yiddish term is also used for a special cup used for such washing.

Judaica --> Judaic Kitchenware --> Mayim Achronim Hand Washing Cups  and Copper Bowls

Hand Washing Cup and Bowl

Hand Washing Cup and Bowl

Hand Washing Cup and Bowl

Hand Washing - Mayim Achronim Set

Hand Washing - Mayim Achronim Set

Hand Washing - Mayim Achronim Set

Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Crystal Kiddush Cup Elijah Cup

Larger Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Hand Washing Cups

Wall Plate Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 1979

Hand Washing Cups

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Copper Bowl

Hand Washing Cups

25 Shekel Silver Bracelet

Jade Magnifying Glass Star of David Design
Hand Washing Cup
Hand Washing Cups

Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sterling Silver Rose Napkin Holder

Hand Washing Cups
Sterling Silver Candle Sticks

Sterling Silver Candle Holder

Hand Washing Cups

Salt Shakers

Sterling Silver Dish and Spoon

Sterling Silver Candle Holder

Sterling Silver Salt Dish and Spoon

Velvet Tallit and Tefillin Bag Set

Yasher Yatzer - Hand Washing Poster
Hand Towel
Pomegranate Hand Towel

Hanukkah Towels

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