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Judaic --> Judaica --> Judaic Kitchenware  --> Water Blech for Shabbos

 [Below] Special Notes and Instruction

The revolutionary way to warm fully cooked foods on Shabbos

Kdeirah Blech size: 18" x 26" [approx] covers four burners on a conventional stove. Adjust a single range burner to its lowest flame, fill with water, and cover. Mile Chai

4 Burner
Water Blech


You can safely and easily keep your food hot on Friday evening.  There is enough room to feed your family or an army of guests.   Reheat Fully cooked foods on Shabbos.  Foods that do not contain liquids may be reheated to temperature that is not halachacally possible on a standard sheet metal blech since "Yad Soledet"

After Shabbos allow to cool, drain the water, allow to dry.
size: 18" x 26" [approx] covers four burners on a conventional stove. Adjust a single range burner to its lowest flame, fill with water, and cover.
Since this a "Water Blech" not a blech",  Yad Soledet Bo'  does not restrict you from using the entire top surface of the un-Blech to heat your meal.

Heavy Gauge Aluminum ...
Never Rusts!!!  Uniform Temperature Throughout

Special Notes

There are many different thoughts and traditions associated with food warming on Shabbos.

Some people do not rewarm any food that have removed from standard blech and have been allowed to cool down, regardless of the fact that the food is full cooked and dry.

If you follow this more stringent halachic principle you can use the Water Blech as a safety valve to avoid inadvertently cooking on Shabbos. For example, if you accidentally remove a pot from the blech to serve dinner, there is no question about replacing the pot onto the Water Blech, although , it would not be permitted to do so with a standard blech.

Others freely remove and replace dry foods onto a standard blech, often without regard to the principle of YAD SOLEDET BO. For them, the Water Blech is the only useable blech. It permits foods to be heated HOT, not just warm in a way that is well within the boundary of accepted halachic principles.

Still others rewarm food using a standard blech but are careful to avoid the temperature limit set by YAD SOLEDET BO. at best they can expect a room temperature meal. With the Water Blech there is not limitation of YAD SOLEDETS BO. The fear of bishul is reduced with the Water Blech.


A good blech that is hot to the touch at all of its corners is actually a bad blech for use on Shabbos since cooled foods may not be returned to it on Shabbos.
A poor blech that is cool to the touch at corners is useable but your food stays cold. Therefore, if you are careful about following
Halacha, you must pay good money for a blech to eat a cold meal. The other choice is to pay good money for a good blech and eat a cold meal since the blech is not useable on Shabbos.

Does this mean that only chulent of other foods that are left on a standard blech since before Shabbos are permitted to eaten?

Happily, the answer is NO!!!!
Foods may be reheated on Shabbos if proper techniques and precaution are used.


Although it is called a blech it is actually not a blech, it is The UN-BLECH
The Water Blech UN-Blech is an engineered solution to Shabbos food warming problems.

The lower tray of the Water Blech contains hot water and is therefore a Water Blech. This means that the food to be warmed can be placed anywhere on the Water Blech regardless of the temperature. Yad Soledet Bo does not apply when the principle of Water Blech is applicable.

K'deirah Blech kdeirah blechs and Everything to make your home kosher -  Torah - Judaism - Jewish Bible



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