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Judaic --> Judaica --> Jewish Ritual Wear --> Kippot --> How to buy a Kippah

How to buy a Kippah - depends on several factors

The source for wearing a Yarmulke is found in the Talmud, where it is states "Cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you."

Zillions of kippot are sold around the world each year. People buy millions dollars worth of kippot each year in Israel alone!

What kippah is right for you? There are large kippot, medium to small kippot, kippot for a child, young and old, and kippot for women. The first time a baby boy might wear a kippah is at his bris.  Rabbis, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Students, Butchers, Store Merchants, Sofer or just your average Yid -- from the greatest to the smallest all can wear a kippah. Some like big ones and some like small ones, some buy them because they like the style and some have a tradition and yet others buy them because they like the color or it reminds them of a time past. Just as different as people are - kippot can be just as different.

Some like a kippah to cover their whole head and some like them because of what they are made of - it is simply a head covering to remind us of

Kippot can be made of velvet, satin, terylene, rayon, cotton, suede, crocheted or knitted. Most adults wear a medium or large kippah.  If you are challenged in the hair department, a frik or bochar kippah will stay on your head.


vS less than 4.5" to 5"
S=small 5 to 6 inches
M=medium 6 to 7 inches
L=Large over 7 inches
HQ = High Quality & High Density


Different Styles of Kippot
Click on the Picture to order the style you are interested in...

Hand Make Crocheted Kippot

Velvet Kippot

Bukharian Kippot Russian Made

Kippot Kippah Yarmulkah Suede head covering

Suede Kippot

Frik Kippot

comes in different patterns, colors and sizes.  Takes approx 4 hours to make one kippot.

Come in different colors and sizes - most common are black, white and blue

Russian Made
Bucharian Kippot

made of leather, comes in three sizes larger, medium and small and different colors
Knitted Kippot are generally made on size fits all. Can come in different patterns, colors 
Price range $22 to $3 Price range $5 to $3 Price range $25 to $6 Price range $7 to $5 Price range $20 to $5

Larger Picture / Colors

You Tube Video - Larger Picture

You Tube Video - Larger Picture

You Tube Video - Larger Picture / Colors

Crocheted Kippah - You Tube Video

Crocheted Kippah - You Tube Video

You Tube Video - Larger Picture / Colors

You Tube Video - Larger Picture / Colors

Crocheted Kippah - You Tube Video

You Tube Video - Larger Picture / Colors
White Satin Kippot
You Tube Video - Larger Picture / Colors



Black Hats - Fedoras for Everyday and Shabbat

Borsalino Black Hat
Alfonsino Black Hat


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